ice cream killer
“The saying that popularity only lasts
for a short amount of time,
it’s all useless talk when compared to my possibilities,
there’s no end, just like our team name.”


K-pop & K-dramas are my obsession.
A '97er. 2woo are my precious idiots babies. xD
Inspirit since 110929. Pearl Metal Gold forever! ♥
But I also love & support A LOT of other groups~

ice cream killer

"I won’t share even if you smile."
"Did I smile?"
"Yeah. It was pretty."

"why are you always flustered when you see me?"
“It’s not fluster, it’s absurdity.”

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*Le Dead*

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Just read this on soompi:

A Most Interesting Conversation

I do have Korean friends, it comes with the job. But I never did once ask them about things related to celebrities and idols. But, since I have this insatiable urge to find out anything and everything about wuri SoGong, I decided…